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Don't worry if you don't see your event listed below, as we have the ability to service any and all events. These are some of the most popular events that our clients use our vehicles for.


It’s your big day, and it’s one that you’ve been waiting for your entire life! Chances are, you’ve already experienced a few headaches trying to get everything in place for your wedding day. Transportation is a major part of your wedding, so you want to get the most out of your money while trying to find a trustworthy company that won’t leave you in the dark. A party bus is perfect for weddings because the bride will have room with her dress, and the wedding party!

Bar Hopping in Charleston

It’s no doubt that Charleston has a great nightlife scene. It’s location on the ocean mixed with the crowd of young people makes for an exciting time! Whether you’re into electric nightclubs or laid back dive bars, there’s bound to be something to fit your fancy here. Renting with Charleston Party Buses ensures that you’ll have a designated driver to take you wherever you want to go, amenities to make your night more convenient right at your fingertips, and more.

Tours of History in Charleston

Charleston is a city filled with rich history. Founded in 1670, it’s no secret that many things have happened here. Experience the Charleston Museum, the Powder Magazine, Gibbes Museum of Art, Fort Sumter, and the The Exchange and Provost building. When you rent a party bus, a tour of the city becomes a convenient and relaxing experience. You can sit back and relax while you experience places that have been here since our country was founded! There are comfortable leather seats, a great sound system, and bars and cooler for your drinks!

School Dances

It’s no secret that teenagers are always wanting more, especially when it comes to finances! However, you’ll find that the cost of a party bus is easily accounted for with your child’s guaranteed safety. There’s no better way to become the coolest parent ever than by renting a party bus for your child’s next school dance. All of the kids involved can split the cost for an easy per person rate, and it’s a lot safer than being transported by an inexperienced teenage driver who may or may not be under the influence. Make the right choice with Charleston Party Buses!

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