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Finding a Wedding DJ in Charleston

Planning a wedding can be such a hassle, with such imperative details such as reserving venues, catering services, and floral arrangements, couples sometimes feel overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing the right entertainment for the night. Entertainment is important, and something you will want to allow yourself plenty of time to consider and vet the candidates you will be considering. Couples traditionally choose between two options to provide the music for the night, either they hire a live wedding band or the always venerable wedding disc-jockey. Bands are great at producing a unique atmosphere and ambiance that those with unlimited budgets can afford to have the pleasure of experiencing. Disc-jockeys, on the other hand, offer a nearly unlimited digital archive of music at the click of a mouse button, and are generally a much more budget conscious move. If you are a couple on a budget, the good news is that not only can disc-jockeys do everything that a bandleader would do regarding emcee duties, and even better, Charleston is a gold mine of professional wedding disc-jockeys committed to excellent customer service. Here are some tips to help you get on your path to the right disc-jockey.

You should first start off with the recommendations of your friends, family, and colleagues, in particular, those who have been recently married or were involved in a wedding in some facet. It is very advisable to ask your venue coordinator if they have any referrals, some even may provide you with a list of preferred or required vendors you must glean from. This may work out in your favor as it could save you money, as vendors may cut you a deal since you are working with someone they have an established rapport with. You should cross reference the candidates, and search for any other interesting ones online via Google and wedding directory websites. These websites will help provide you with resourceful information regarding pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, and media such as demonstration videos! You will want candidates with plenty of experience, and really should specialize in weddings. These factors will help better produce a traditional climate for wedding.

Once you have a handful of candidates in mind, start calling them up, and ask of their availability. Only schedule candidates who are available on the date of your wedding, if you are going through a company, ask if they have someone else with experience available for the day. During the interview, you should ask the candidate a couple of personal questions. First, why did they become a DJ in the first place? They should be passionate about music, and dedicated to crafting special and unique moments for their clientele. Ask them of their favorite songs, and ask them about their play list policies, such as how much control you are allowed over it. Inquire into their microphone style, ask for a video from an entire wedding reception. Ask about their equipment, and their plans in case of emergency.

Before you pick a candidate, you should compare the costs of each disc-jockey's services against each other. Some offer different packages, and some make demands that range from candidate to candidate. Once you have the one that is right for you, write up a contract outlining every detail that both of you need to sign, and place a deposit. Now that you're able to get onto the next stage of planning, you will not have to worry about your head spinning every time your disc-jockey hits play or picks up a microphone to make an announcement.

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