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Sullivans Island Bars and Restaurants

Poe's Tavern

2210 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

What an exciting place to enjoy a meal and some drinks when you're out and about with Charleston Party Buses in the Sullivan's Island area! This is an enormous place with lots of seating so that you and your party bus group can spread out and enjoy yourselves. They've virtually got everything you could ever desire on this menu, including crisp salads, juicy hamburgers, and delectable seafood dishes that will have you singing their praises for days! Just so good. The staff is out of this world, really friendly and fast with their service, making sure that you feel like a king or a queen while you're dining and drinking here! We love it!

The Obstinate Daughter

2063 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

The Obstinate Daughter has a unique name and an even more unique presentation! It's charming and eclectic in all ways, from the decor to the dishes themselves, and we think that you will just love digging into their yummy seafood dishes, their incredible seafood, and of course their fine Mediterranean fare. The prices are what we'd say are on the reasonable end of things, and yet the quality is just off-the-charts fantastic! You and your party bus group will love sitting down to what feels like a home cooked meal and just enjoying each other's company. Top recommendations are the cavatappi, the Rutledge pizza, and Geechie Frites, and the Frogmore chowder!

Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ

2209 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ is the perfect blend between a sports bar and a barbecue joint. They've got some of the tastiest barbecued meats that we've ever laid tastebuds on, and a great variety of five delicious sauces that you can choose to slather your food in. If you're a sauce addict like us, order up a side of each, and dip, dip, dip, or pour, pour, pour! The pulled pork is the yummiest thing we can even imagine, so good that you don't need sauce at all. The smoked brisket sliders are another high point and a great choice for lunch. And the wings? Mm-mmm good. Enough said. Full bar, happy hour, and live music... it all adds up to perfection!

SALT at Station 22

2205 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

SALT at Station 22 is a seafood restaurant and bar that has put a spell on our Charleston Party Buses customers and it just won't let go! Everybody who lives, works, or plays in the Sullivan's Island area knows that they can rely on this spot for a truly mouth watering meal complete with all the fixins. You'll love noshing on these incredible dishes while the breeze blows through an open window, and you'll especially enjoy hanging out at their indoor/outdoor bar, soaking up the sun and sipping the most delicious specialty cocktails around. Excellent for groups with some of the best service around, you'll be treated like royalty, just the way you deserve.

Taco Mamacita

2213 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

Taco Mamacita is the go-to Mexican restaurant for our Sullivan's Island area travelers who want their Charleston Party Buses groups to enjoy a really yummy meal at a really affordable price. They have seating both indoors and out so that you can really choose your ambiance based on the weather or your mood, and no matter where you choose to plunk down, you will certainly enjoy the meal that they set down before you. The dim lighting is quite charming and conducive to good conversation, and the bar area is really enjoyable if you'd like to sip a cocktail or perhaps one of their famous margaritas while you chat it up with your good friends. Highly recommended!

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