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Reevesville Bars and Restaurants

Georgio's II Pizza

5945 W Jim Bilton Blvd, Saint George, SC 29477

Georgio's II Pizza has always been a favorite of Charleston Party Buses' in the Reevesville area. They've got the yummiest pizza in town, crafted from the highest quality ingredients, from the crust to the sauce to the cheese to the toppings! But there's more than just that. They are also known for their delicious pastas, all homemade and with homemade sauces, and they have a very nice and simple salad bar that features delicious pasta salad as well. It's no wonder that so many Charleston Party Buses groups choose this as their Reevesville destination! The sweet Southern iced tea is a must-have alongside your indulgent meal. So refreshing!

Skynyrd's Grill & Sports Bar

129 Motel Dr, Saint George, SC 29477

Skynyrd's Grill & Sports Bar is just wonderful if you and your Charleston Party Buses group are out and about in the Reevesville area and looking for the perfect sports bar ambiance and service. They've got a great atmosphere where you'll really feel relaxed and at home, and beyond that, you'll just be wowed by their enormous menu of sports bar favorites, such as yummy wings and fries, tasty salads, and of course their famous BLT which we just love so much. A very popular local haunt where you'll want to spend hour after hour with your group, this one gets a top recommendation from Charleston Party Buses and our crew!


5792 Memorial Blvd, St. George, SC 29477

If soul food is what you are after when you're out here with Charleston Party Buses in Reevesville, then this Southern style destination known as Shug's is certainly the place that you will want to check out. They have some of the greatest and friendliest service that we have ever experienced, and the food is just mind blowingly good. Just a few of our favorites here are the salmon salad, the shrimp tacos, the shrimp salad, the crab cakes, and of course those fabulous collard greens. For lunch, you can't go wrong with a nice Philly cheese sandwich, and picking up a fried chicken dinner to go is always a good plan! Their hours can be quite limited during the week, so do call ahead. Closed Sundays.

Halls Chophouse

434 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Halls Chophouse is a spot that will never let you down, absolutely the highest priced restaurant on our list of recommendations and possibly in the entire Reevesville area and surrounding cities, but well worth every dollar that you'll part with. This steakhouse and seafood restaurant delivers in every possible way, and they've even got a full bar for your complete enjoyment. When it comes to mind blowing menu items, what we think of first is the sea scallops, followed very closely by their lobster macaroni and cheese. The pepperjack creamed corn skillet is also a must-have. You'll be tempted to try and recreate it at home! Absolutely delicious and highly recommended.


232 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401

FIG is another upscale and beautiful dining choice in the Reevesville area, lauded by our Charleston Party Buses customers for the exceptional service and mouth watering food. Their layout is unique, with the bar up front and the dining area toward the back. We are so impressed with their waygu steak and the ricotta gnocchi is just an amazing pasta dish that will have lovers of all things creamy going wild! The fish stew also comes highly recommended and is served in very generous portion sizes. For dessert, the sorghum cake and cinnamon ice cream are just too perfect! Truly one of the very best in Reevesville and beyond.

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