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Johns Island Bars and Restaurants

The Southern General

3157 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455

The Southern General is always a smart destination for fun-loving Charleston Party Buses groups out here in the Johns Island vicinity. Not only is this one of the most spacious and inviting places for a large party bus group to gather, but it's also an ideal place to get some amazing hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and of course those famous dry rubbed wings. Wow. Talk about amazing flavor. This is a fun and casual environment with very friendly service. Certainly the kind of place where you and your Charleston Party Buses group will feel right at home. Everything is moderately priced so you'll be able to save a good deal of dough by eating here! We dig it!

Fat Hen

3140 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455

Fat Hen is another one that we can't get enough of in the Johns Island area. So many of our Charleston Party Buses groups choose this one as their dining destination. We think it's got a lot to do with the huge amount of space that they have as well as that cozy bar area. You can choose your ambiance based on your mood (sit on the restaurant side for a relaxed sit-down meal or sit on the bar side if you want to have a few drinks and really let your hair down). The lamb shank is absolutely mouth watering and we cannot say enough good things about the coq au vin. If you're there for brunch, dig into some sausage and french toast sandwiches, and of course a mimosa!

Wild Olive

2867 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455

Wild Olive is an Italian restaurant out here in the Johns Island area that our Charleston Party Buses customers have remarked is outstanding. Whether you're having an amazing meal in the main dining area or having a couple of cocktails with your good friends at the bar, you know that you are in for a real treat at this location. Would you like to hear a few of our top recommendations? The chuck eye with truffled potatoes will more than satisfy you, and how about that beet and goat cheese ravioli with orange butter and balsamic vinegar? Wow. Just wow. They also have some amazing braised ribs that will impress even the most jaded BBQ lover! Dee-lish!

La Tela Pizzeria

133 Village Green Dr, Johns Island, SC 29455

La Tela Pizzeria is a place that's especially friendly for all large Charleston Party Buses groups, including those of all ages with family and kids, and toward the evening hours, it's great for your adults only groups too. It is located within a shopping center, but you'll forget all about that as soon as you step through the doors. Very cozy and cute, casual and comfortable. We recommend starting things off with a huge salad for your party bus group to share (we loved the butternut squash salad), and perhaps also splitting a couple of pizzas (wood-fired, to boot!). All of us at Charleston Party Buses have been really impressed with this Johns Island gem.

JB's Smokeshack

3406 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455

JB's Smokeshack is kind of an out of the way haven for Charleston Party Buses partygoers who want to enjoy an amazing array of barbecued favorites in a really cozy atmosphere. You'd be hard pressed to beat the low-low-low prices that they offer here, and we're just blown away by all the amazing flavors that you can enjoy, with their huge selection of sauces and large array of meats to enjoy them on. The crispy chicken, the pulled pork, and the pork chops have got to be our favorites here, but we've got to mention the delicious squash casserole and the corn nuggets too! They go so well with those BBQ faves. Their Southern buffet will really please everyone in your group!

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