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Huger Bars and Restaurants

Sesame Burgers & Beer

4726 Spruill Ave N, North Charleston, SC 29405

The folks at Sesame Burgers & Beer go to great lengths to make sure that the people of their local community absolutely love every single aspect of their establishment. With burgers that are made with more healthy, sustainable, and responsibly sourced ingredients, you can be sure that you will be smitten with your experience at Sesame Burgers & Beer. They make sure to use the highest possible quality of ingredients, with beef that has been pasture raised and made without hormones. Their chicken and turkey are completely antibiotic free and raised in South Carolina. They have proudly partnered with local purveyors of pasta, nuts, breads, produce, and of course, wines and beers. Everything here is fresh and local. What more could one ask for?

Bald Monkey Beanery

1320 Red Bank Rd, Goose Creek, SC 29456

When you're looking for a great place to go and get your morning started off on the right foot then it really doesn't get much better than Bald Monkey Beanery on Red Bank Road. They feature a friendly environment that is always incredibly relaxed and warm. You will be blown away by their great, quick service, and their unique coffee drinks that are absolutely delicious. You will find yourself throwing away your Starbucks Gold Member card and heading to Bald Monkey Beanery whenever possible. Especially since the folks at Bald Monkey Beanery utilize locally sourced coffee beans, gourmet teas, and amazing home baked goods and pastries that are simply amazing every single time. Bald Monkey Beanery is always a great place to go and start your day.

Mi Xao

1055 Hwy 41, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

Mi Xao is a wonderful locally owned and operated Vietnamese restaurant that features the best, most authentic Vietnamese foo that you can get in all of the Huger area, without a doubt. Between their amazing stir fry dishes, rice and noodle dishes, their special salads, theid dumplings, their summer and spring rolls, and their amazing pho, and beyond, you will never be disappointed with your experience at Mi Xao. Their staff is always simply incredible in every away, by treating their customers with a great amount of respect, and by politely making sure that you have everything that you need at all times. Mi Xao is definitely a place of high class place that we can not get over, and that you will certainly love every time that you head there.

Tropical Kitchen Express

104 Saint James Ave, Goose Creek, SC 29445

If you're on the hunt for some great Puerto Rican food then Tropical Kitchen Express is definitely the place for you to go to when you are in the Huger area. They feature some of the best, most authentic Puerto Rican food that you will ever dig into. Between their amazing Shrimp Monfongos, their Arepas, their amazing Chicken breast Sandwiches, and beyond, Tropical Kitchen Express is always a hit and never a miss. Their establishment is a favorite spot for many people in the Huger area, and there is always a lot to love about them. The atmosphere is always clean and well organized, so you will always be comfortable when you head to Tropical Kitchen Express for a meal, without a doubt.

EVO Pizzeria

1075 E Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405

EVO Pizzeria is definitely the place to go in the Huger area when you are craving a great pizza. They go to great lengths to make sure that you are always enjoying your meal, to no fail. They feature amazing fresh, local, ingredients that are always prepared with the highest quality of techniques. They use wood fired ovens to make sure that you are always enjoying the greatest meal possible. They use their own ingredients that have been locally sourced and prepared fresh every single day. They slowly cook all of their sauces and their soups every single day, and their dough has been made twice a day. Everything about EVO Pizzeria changes the game for pizzerias, and you will certainly fall in love when you head there for a meal.

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