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Harleyville Bars and Restaurants


5792 Memorial Blvd, St. George, SC 29477

Shug's is just the best when it comes to Southern food and soul food when you're in Harleyville with Charleston Party Buses. Shug's has the best food in town at some of the most affordable prices, but they also have some truly amazing service that will make you want to come back again and again. The shrimp and grits is so good that you'll cry happy tears while you eat it, and how about those mouth watering shrimp tacos? If you're a big shrimp fan, you'll also want to dig into some of their famous shrimp salad. The crab cakes are also quite noteworthy and we can't say enough about their collard greens. Full bar and TVs too!

Sweatman's BBQ

1427 Eutaw Road, Holly Hill, SC 29059

Sweatman's BBQ is a great place to stop in for lunch when you're out and about in the Harleyville area. The mac and cheese is just out of this world good, and the hash and pork skin are just too amazing for words. The pitmaster really knows what they're doing with these barbecued meats. Talk about mouth watering flavor! Your mind will be blown! The mustard sauce really sets off the flavor just perfectly, not overpowering it at all, but complementing it so well. When it comes to dessert, you've got to opt for some of that famous banana pudding. Just too good. No alcohol here, unfortunately, and no outdoor seating either.

Get-A-Way Bar & Grill

1442 Old Gilliard Road, Ridgeville, SC 29472

One of the best getaways around is the Get-A-Way Bar & Grill. Charleston Party Buses customers know this and that's why they visit all the time. This friendly sports bar is always packed with friendly regulars who welcome you with open arms, and the prices and friendly staff will keep you coming back for more! It's a nice clean place that's well kept and tidy, and pretty modern and cool too. They even have pool tables for your enjoyment, and we all know that a night out at the bar isn't complete with our a game of pool! The happy hour prices are great and so is the outdoor seating!

Clark's Inn & Restaurant

114 Bradford Blvd, Santee, SC 29142

Clark's Inn & Restaurant is a hotel and restaurant that will serve you very well during your party bus outings in Harleyville. It's one of the dressier places in town, so you might want to save this one for your more dressy evenings, but luckily the prices are still moderate, so you won't have to break the bank to enjoy a meal here. The million dollar bread is so delectable and it's a very popular starter. Everyone loves the Southern lunch buffet, a very affordable and tasty option that will fill up everyone in your group very cheaply! The roast beef over rice is just amazing. Pricey but oh-so-good. There's a full bar here but this is not a place to watch the game on TV.

Coasters Bar & Grill

9135 Old Number Six Hwy, Santee, SC 29142

Coasters Bar & Grill is a great place to chill out with your Charleston Party Buses group in Harleyville, enjoying a nice burger and some sweet potato waffle fries, alongside an ice cold beer or your favorite cocktail or glass of wine. The pork chops are a major highlight here as far as we're concerned, and we just love the fried shrimp baskets too. So old school and good! It's true that there is a strip club attached to this bar and grill, and that'll either be an upside or a downside for your group, depending on your tastes! If you're a bachelor party heading out for a wild night, this just might be your ideal place to dine, drink, and watch the ladies dance!

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