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Gumville Bars and Restaurants

Sully’s Steamers

6 E Washington St Greenville, SC 29601

Sully's Steamers is a fantastic spot to enjoy some sandwiches and freshly made bagels in the Gumville area of South Carolina. Be sure to try out the Jalapeno Bagel for a kick with your sandwich optoin. The Blondie is a crowd favorite, and it's comprised of Cream Cheese, Sprouts, Turkey, and Honey Mustard. However, there is a Build your Own Bagel option if you're someone who enjoys complete control over the customization of your food. This innovative spot is absolutely perfect for breakfast or lunch, especially because it's so filling. Be sure to ask the staff at the counter if they're offering a special on a sandwich for even more savings.

Jasmine Thai Cuisine

2017 Wade Hampton Blvd Greenville, SC 29615

Jasmine Thai Cuisine is a Thai spot that everybody loves near Gumville! This spot knows how to combine bold flavors to make a palatable dish such as Coconut Cake, Shrimp Fried Rice, Ginger Paradise, Garlic Pepper Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Hot Cha, and Massaman Curry. If you've never had Thai food before, you're going to love the affordable dishes here. What makes their price even better is the fact that there's no denying that their large portions are enough to feed two people at once. The dessert options might add a little extra coin to your bill, but believe us, the homemade options are definitely worth the money, and even more.


903 Wade Hampton Blvd Greenville, SC 29609

ASADA is a Latin American food truck that can often be found in the Gumville area. If you're lucky enough to find this delicious spot for food, be sure to walk up and order, as you wont regret the completely authentic flavors that make up the food. There is always a memorable eating experience to be had here, regardless if you're trying to find a dessert option or a savory option such as the Carnitas Taco. Be sure to try out the Strawberry Shortcake if you're feeling your sweet tooth for the day, as it comes with strawberries, homemade syrup, and a delicious whipped cream sauce that will have your tastebuds singing all day long.

Methodical Coffee

101 N Main St Greenville, SC 29601

Methodical Coffee is the best spot in the area to enjoy coffee and tea selections without breaking the bank at a national franchise. Where else can you find things such as Grapefruit Elderflower Craft Soda? The Circa doughnut will complete the experience for you, while the intimate atmosphere allows you to focus on your work. The record player is often spinning classics for you to enjoy, while the staff ensures you're completely taken care of here. There is a loft seating area, and the $4 pour over Ethiopian coffee goes above and beyond the brewing process that you're used to. This innovative spot will be your new favorite.

The Trappe Door

23 W Washington St Greenville, SC 29601

The Trappe Door is a Belgian burger spot, and if that isnt specific enough for you, you'll just have to come try it out to see why this is a five star rated establishment near Gumville. The beer list is always extensive and growing, while the unique options are always something to look forward to. The pork and cherry sausage is similar to bangers and mash, and it's delicious! The dipping sauces for the fries are unlike anything we've had before. Be sure to try out the Chicken Coq Au Vin, as well as the Schnitzel and Corned Beef. If you've never had the Fried Buffalo Oysters or Lamb Sliders, you're in for a treat here at Trappe!

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