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Edisto Beach Bars and Restaurants

The Waterfront Restaurant

136 Jungle Rd, Edisto Beach, SC 29438

The Waterfront Restaurant is definitely a major favorite amongst our Charleston Party Buses customers in the Edisto Island area, conveniently located on Edisto Beach where you can enjoy the beautiful view. The live music is always a treat and you'll really enjoy swaying and rocking to that while you sip your favorite specialty cocktails. They're got a really enticing grilled chicken sandwich that we've enjoyed on many occasions and we're also quite in love with their fish tacos. The shrimp quesadillas are another big highlight and we love the chicken version as well! If you're a burger lover, you cannot go wrong with their black 'n blue. Good stuff!

Pressley's at the Marina

3702 Docksite Rd, Edisto Beach, SC 29438

Pressley's at the Marina is another waterfront restaurant and bar that we really love. As with the previous mention, you can't beat the convenient Edisto Island location during your trips with Charleston Party Buses in this area. This place is perhaps best known for its seafood offerings, which goes quite well with the beautiful location on the water. There are a lot of different seating options here, but we always enjoy the upstairs seating or the seating down on the dock the best. The lunch menu is offered from 11-3 and it's quite well put together. Dinner is served until 10pm and there is a wonderfully enticing full bar to tempt your tastebuds too!

McConkey's Jungle Shack

108 Jungle Rd, Edisto Beach, SC 29438

McConkey's Jungle Shack is a cool little diner that is best known for their chicken wings, and despite how homey and comfortable this space is, they quite easily handle even our largest Charleston Party Buses groups. The Edisto Island area really has a gem in this place, offering up yummy bar style food at very affordable prices. The shrimp and chips is a must-have as far as we're concerned, and we can't say enough good things about their gyros either! You can really fill up your tummy on one thin dime here, and the fact that the staff is so welcoming and wonderful also makes this a very high recommendation on our list of favorites in Edisto Island!


2801 Myrtle St, Edisto Island, SC 29438

Whaley's is a seafood restaurant and dive bar that is indeed connected to a gas station, but don't let that put you off for even one second! Everybody in the Edisto Island area knows how great this place is, and that includes dozens of our Charleston Party Buses groups who choose this as a destination year after year. The grilled mahi mahi is a really standout item on the menu and we're also really enamored with their tantalizing alligator bites! The sushi nachos are beyond description, just so mouth wateringly good. The shrimp and grits are also a gem on this delightful menu! Full bar, outdoor seating, and even televisions for the sports watchers. Nice!

Finn's Seafood Grill

Edisto Island, Edisto Beach, SC 29438

Finn's Seafood Grill is another one that we wouldn't hesitate to recommend if you're traveling with Charleston Party Buses in Edisto Island and you really love some good seafood. The shrimp and grits are a highlight here, as with the previous mention, and we also very highly recommend the soft shell crab and the seafood mixed grill. The full bar is another thing that we've got to mention, with a very respectable list of specialty cocktails for you to enjoy, not to mention all your favorite old fashioned choices, plus beer and wine too. You'll enjoy the homey vibe here and the excellent service, and you'll leave feeling like you've really been treated to a rare and wonderful time.

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