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Cross Bars and Restaurants

Black’s Camp & Restaurant

1370 Blacks Camp Rd Cross, SC 29436

Black's Camp & Restaurant offers a great eating experience to those looking for a bite to eat in Cross, South Carolina. This isn't just a camp site for you and your family and friends to enjoy, as it's also home to a fantastic, comforting restaurant with some of the best hospitality we've experienced in the area. While you might not be used to a restaurant on a camp site, you will definitely appreciate the convenience that comes along with it. How else would you enjoy classics such as Fluffernutters? Be sure to bring a friend with you when you're out dining here, and the deals and large portions are meant to be shared.

MacDaddy’s Restaurant

139 Canal Landing Rd Cross, SC 29436

MacDaddy's Restaurant is a seafood and steakhouse restaurant in the Cross area, and we absolutely adore the high quality food that's being served up here. It doesn't matter what kind of food you like, as there's an option for absolutely everybody to enjoy here...even the pickiest of the eaters in the family. This restaurant is right on the water too, so you get to enjoy views along with your dinner or lunch. With friendly waitresses who are constantly looking out for you, along with some seriously affordable lunch specials during the week, why would you go anywhere else for a Double Burger, Onion Rings, Fried Pickles, or Hush Puppies?

Pete’s Quick Stop

1883 Old Highway 6 Cross, SC 29436

Pete's Quick Stop defines convenience in the Cross area! Really, where else can you count on a convenience store to have delicious options for food, as well? Whether you need an oil change, a sandwich, or just a tank of can all be found here at Pete's with an affordable edge. All of the southern favorites can be found here, such as boiled peanuts and collard greens. When it comes to baked macaroni and cheese, this is just like Mommy made it. When it comes to fried chicken, there's really no other spot in the area that offers the quality that can be found here. Be sure to ask them if they have fresh pork rinds available.

Mital Grocery

1531 Old Highway 6 Cross, SC 29436

Mital Grocery is one of the top grocery stores in the area due to the convenient location and diverse selection of goods. While there are all of the usual suspects when it comes to grocery store products here at Mital, there is also a food area that is serving up some delicious sandwiches and sides such as coleslaw, ambrosia, and potato salad. All of the fixings are available here at the salad bar, and the staff is always super helpful and friendly if it's your first time checking it out. When it comes to delicious food and a large selection, there really is no better

Cross Seafood

1385 Old Highway 6 Cross, SC 29436

Cross Seafood has the kind of fish to make you feel as though you're right by the ocean! Yes, this market is really serving up the freshest seafood options in the area. They even offer the You Buy, We Fry service that is perfect for those who enjoy freshly fried fish served up in newspaper, just like the old times. We love their fish and chip option, as well as the delicious baked cod. Whatever you buy here, you can be confident that it was caught in the past few days, and the freshness really shines. Be sure to ask them if they're offering any specials or deals on the frying service, because you might be able to save even more money!

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