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Bonneau Bars and Restaurants

Red Barn

266 Black Oak Rd Bonneau, SC 29431

Red Barn is a night life spot with a lot to offer those who want the whole dance floor, drinking, and food experience for their next night out. We really love the fact that it's so close to the water, especially! This is a popular spot with the locals, and it's easy to see why that is when you consider the affordable pricing and efficient wait staff experience from start to finish. When you want to enjoy a low stress, non pretentious spot to throw back some cold ones in Bonneau, you can't go wrong with making this your destination for the night. Take our word for it when we say that you will be back for more here at Red Barn.

Youngs Food Store # 645

1487 Main St Bonneau, SC 29431

Youngs Food Store is one of those grocery stores that offers a lot more than your regular shopping experience. We love Youngs for the very fact that this is a convenient spot to enjoy delicious, freshly made food such as delicatessen sandwiches, home-made sides, and desserts such as Ambrosia salad and fluffy cakes. This is where the locals come to get birthday cakes, and picnic style sides. You aren't going to pay more than $10 for anything here, so it's also something to keep in mind when you're concerned about keeping the pocketbook close to where you began. Be sure to ask if there are any daily specials on sandwiches here.

Quick Stop

2276 N Highway 52 Bonneau, SC 29431

Quick Stop is exactly what the namesake implies, this is a quick stop for ultimate convenience when you're in Bonneau. This isn't just a gas station for you to stop at when you're out and about in the area! This is also a convenient spot to get ready-made food, and you really can't beat this when you have little to no time to cook or grab something. The fact that it's already inside of a gas station is the reason why it's such a popular stop for locals and tourists alike. Be sure to try out their delicious taquitos, hot dogs, pizza slices, and hot chicken sandwiches. The fountain drink machine has a good variety of different sodas for you to enjoy.

Watermark Bar & Grill

1033 Black Oak Rd Bonneau, SC 29431

Watermark Bar & Grill is really the premiere spot to enjoy an eating and drinking experience in Bonneau. We say that because it's right on the water, the locals know and love it, and the prices are always surprisingly affordable here. You really can't beat the outdoor patio for a visual experience along with your delicious dish. The waitstaff is always inviting, the menu changes from time to time, so depending on when you stop by, it might be a totally new eating experience for you! The Mild Wings, Catfish Nuggets, and Philly Cheesesteak are all options you don't want to pass up when you're out eating here at Watermark Bar & Grill.

Evelyn’s Diner

1013 Black Oak Rd Bonneau, SC 29431

Everyone can wholeheartedly recommend Evelyn's Diner for an eating experience that shouldn't be missed out on. With all there is to see and do near the city, you might be feeling a little hungry, or hangry, afterwards. When that feeling hits, be sure to cruise on down to Evelyn's, where the food is fresh, fast, and cheap. All things considered, the affordable eats here will have you returning the next time you want to enjoy a special lunch or dinner in the area. We love that everything tastes as though it's completely home cooked here at Evelyn's. We're confident that you're going to love it just as much as we do, as it's that good.

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